Thank you for joining me tonight on Mysterious Radio. I am your host, K-Town. And tonight we’re going to be chatting with Marshall Vian Summers about his contact with beings outside of our planet concerning the alien agenda. Now Marshall’s son was on the program last year, and he had to take his father’s place because I wasn’t able to get Marshall on the show at that time. But I was able to connect with Marshall and sit down with him for a short interview about his first hand account about how this contact with beings outside our planet actually started for him, and what it means for all of us. Alright, so let’s jump right into it. I have an amazing show just for you.

He is the central figure within a new religious movement with an emphasis on implications of exotheology for human evolution. His books are the basis for their beliefs and guiding principles which break down categorically into warnings of extreme change and outside threat and gives a spiritual blessing and preparation for living in a world in decline. Welcome Marshall Vian Summers.

Alright tonight my special guest is Marshall Vian Summers to discuss the critical messages he has received for all of humanity. Marshall, I want to thank you very much for joining me tonight on Mysterious Radio.

Marshall: Oh thanks. I’m glad to be here.

K-T: Alright now, Marshall is Reed Summers’ father that came on the show late last year to discuss the alien agenda in Marshall’s absence. Now, Marshall’s going to give us his first hand account and tell us about how critical it is that we prepare for what’s to come.

I had the great pleasure of talking with Reed. He did a fantastic job in my opinion, so it was my pleasure to have him on the show.

Now, Marshall, before we get started, please tell my listeners about yourself and when did this communication start for you?

MVS: Well, my communication has gone through various stages of development. I began the Proclamation 36 years ago. But leading up to that, I was very much in touch with an inner voice that was directing me to do certain things. And I eventually taught inner guidance to many people along the way as part of my preparation; hopefully part of theirs. Uh, I was felt very held back in college from giving myself to any profession, as if I was being saved for something in the future. And of course, as is so often the case, we understand our circumstances in the future looking back in hindsight, rather than in the moment when we’re experiencing them. So I’ve come to recognize over time that each of us—all your listeners may really relate to this—we’re all in preparation for something to come. We may feel like we’re living for the moment, but we’re really getting ready for something, or trying to. And the deeper Knowledge that lives within us is definitely trying to get us in position so that we may play a significant role at some point in our future.

K-T: OK, so my next question is how did you know that this wasn’t a voice that came from you, from your own consciousness?

MVS: Well, certainly there’s always doubt associated with these things. You never quite know what you’re hearing and what it might mean and where it might take you. But in the early years the Voice was very practical in what it guided me to do. It began when I was teaching blind children. And of course when you’re teaching people who are handicapped, you have to be very creative in the moment. And you have to see and know things in the moment that might help them or help facilitate how you’re trying to support them.

And so this inner voice experience really began then. And then later on it really helped me to organize my life and it held me back from many things which I now see would have not been right for me. That was very practical. This is the mysterious voice guiding you to do very practical things because in life, one of the most important things that the Divine can do for us is to help us balance and organize our lives; because until that happens, we really can’t take on a greater service in the world. We can’t begin to assume what’s innately our higher purpose until we have a foundation underneath us, a very important foundation. We can certainly talk about that.

And so I was foundation building in these early years. And the inner voice gave me remarkable wisdom how to do that in ways I couldn’t often understand in the moment, in ways that seemed confusing to me, perhaps. They weren’t part of what I thought I was doing or where I thought I was going. But in my case, as it is the case in all people, there’s a greater destiny for us. But it’s not something we understand with our intellect. It’s not something we can figure out in the moment. It’s something that takes us somewhere in life as if we’re trying to get up a mountain.
And the mountain analogy is very good because if you’ve ever done mountain climbing, you realize you have to get above the forest and so you can see the landscape of the land and even begin to understand the mountain that you’re on.

And so those early years were very much moving me into position to have a greater kind of experience which at a later date would begin to initiate my real work in the world.

K-T: Alright, Reed [sic], can you tell us what you experienced the first time you heard this voice?

MVS: Well, first of all I’ll say that listening to the Angelic Voice, the Angelic Voice was a totally different experience. It’s being, I like to describe it as being enveloped in a power–, very powerful gracious Presence. And it’s so powerful that it, it ah, my initial experiences of it really frightened me—the strength of it. And I had to get used to it. I remember the first time I had this experience, it took me several weeks to recover. But the experience only lasted for maybe five or ten minutes. So it took quite a while for me to be able to learn how to be in a position to receive such a potent Presence as this.

But the voice of the Allies of Humanity was like being on a very faint long distance phone call, as if they’re speaking from far away, whereas the Angelic Presence is enveloping you in the moment. They are here. This is it. And it is something that is really hard to describe in any other way. Uh, it’s so powerful that, and so gracious, and what it yields is of such magnificent wisdom that you can’t really doubt its Source. Everyone else can doubt its Source, certainly. But as the experiencer, in my case, I began to realize that I was being engaged with something remarkable and what it was saying through me was things I did not know how to say or would not say normally.

And so, years later, like 15 years later, this voice, this distant voice began to communicate and the Angelic Presence established this communication. It was a non-technological communication, which means it could not be interfered with by any kind of technological means or even psychic means. It was like a Divine channel, so to speak, that allowed me to hear their voices, which were spoken from far away. And they spoke in a rather odd way. It wasn’t their natural language. And I could hear them enough that their voice could enter my mind and I could speak what I heard into a microphone.

In contrast, the Angelic Voice completely overpowers me. And I just step aside and let it go, let it come. And when it’s over, the Angelic Voice is over, there’s a magnificent stillness that ensues. And I try to enjoy that stillness. But it takes me, even now, at least a day to begin to reconnect myself with the physical world.

So this is not an experience that I think is meant for everyone, certainly. And unless you’re very stable emotionally, psychologically, it could really throw your life into huge imbalance. So this is something that must happen for a very important purpose. Over these 36 years when it began in 1981 it was to begin a process of revelation, not just guiding my life—it was really beyond my life—but to lay down something for the future which humanity would need for, even at that time, we were beginning to approach a great turning point for the human family, a great turning point in the condition of our world and a great turning point of our beginning to emerge into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.

And so the preparation for me was very long and very mysterious. And it wasn’t until around the time that I began to receive the Allies of Humanity, say in 1995 and ‘96, that it began to be revealed to me that what I was receiving and had been receiving all along was, in fact, a New Message from God for the world and that I would have to prepare over time to become its Messenger. I’d already been preparing for a very long time and that preparation would certainly continue. It was a preparation that I was not inventing for myself. It was something that was being given to me in stages. I was kept out of the loop quite a bit about where this thing was going up until this turning point in the late ‘90s, when it began to be revealed to me what the process was that I was in and what it was for and what it would provide as I proceeded.

So it’s a very big story and I’m only giving it broad brushstrokes here. And of course I had to live with a lot of unanswered questions. I had to live in the mystery. And, you know, it’s so important that everything that’s important in life comes from the mystery—who we are, where we need to go, our real gifts which lay hidden within us like a secret treasure. Everything important comes from the mystery.

Our intellect is not designed to understand these kinds of things. It’s a navigational tool for being in the world. It’s not who we really are. But deeper down within us is another kind of mind, a deeper mind that the New Message calls Knowledge. And I had to become very strong with this Knowledge to follow the invisible light of my preparation. And it’s a mystery that anyone who has the courage and the desire and the need to know their greater purpose in life will have to engage with to some degree.

K-T: There had to be something special about you. Why do you think they chose you exactly?

MVS: Well I certainly didn’t understand why I was chosen, why me. But I have a clear understanding now because it’s evident to me as I become more mature and been able to see and reckon with the nature of my role that I came from their Assembly into the world to receive this Message. I wasn’t some unwitting person who was just pulled out of normal life and given a great message. And I was selected for this time. I was allowed to become a child, a young man, experience some of the pleasures and sorrows of the world, to learn about life; but also to be saved for something that would come later.

K-T: Meaning that you were reincarnated at this time to come back and give us this Message?

MVS: I was sent into the world to receive this Message.

K-T: OK.

MVS: But, in saying that, that doesn’t mean it’s a certain thing that it would be successful. I had to prove myself over and over again that I would be reliable, that I could follow directives even if they made no sense to me. It was a challenge for my family to have to go places that were very mysterious for reasons I could not explain. I had to do many things to establish that foundation for myself and the trust and the discernment of my own experience. Because I had to discern this Voice from any other voice in my mind or any other voice out in the world.

But the voice experience was so powerful and it’s been so consistent for me over these many years that I come now to recognize more clearly what it is and how I’m connected to it.

K-T: Now were these initial downloads just a one way thing where you were just getting information? Or was this a two way conversation back and forth?

MVS: Uh, in the early stages of my preparation I could ask questions, not all of which were answered. I was rarely given explanations for anything. Um, I had things to practice, skills to develop—many things to practice. I still have many things to practice. Uh, they had to make sure that I wouldn’t take this message and try to do something with it myself.

This is a very important thing because everything I would like to impart to your listeners is this sense of mystery and that, to perhaps a far lesser degree because my situation is probably unique, what I’m sharing with you in our conversation is, are elements of things that people who seek to know their greater work and purpose in the world are, have to undergo to a certain degree. And I know many of your listeners recognize that they are, seem to be called to something higher or greater, even though they may not be able to define it in the moment.

And I had that feeling growing up as a young man, in, uh, going through school, that something about me didn’t feel like everyone else and that I couldn’t give myself to everyone else. I’ll give you an example. I was held back from studying religion even though I was interested in religion. At the time I didn’t know why that was, this feeling of restraint. And you know, one of the ways that Knowledge talks to us most powerfully, particularly in the beginning, is this feeling of being held back. I’m sure many of your listeners can relate to this. You thought you were going to do something or you were planning to do something but something is holding you back. What is that?

It perhaps isn’t what you want. Something looks good to you. Perhaps it’s a relationship, looks good to you, but something is holding you back. So I had this experience of being held back tremendously as a teenager and as a young man before my formal training really began. And if any of you listening have had this experience it’s very important to honor it. Because when you don’t honor it usually things happen that aren’t good.

So even at the outset Knowledge is trying to keep you from harm or keep you from giving your life away prematurely to people, places and things that really don’t matter, aren’t important to where you need to go in life which still remains a mystery. So I had to live the mystery so much. I still live the mystery. I don’t know what’s going to be given to me next to do. I have to be in charge of my mind and my body and my affairs, but my life is connected to something much bigger and much more powerful. And I think that’s a perhaps extreme example of what I would like to share with your listeners. But it is a process that we have to go through without really understanding what it means or how it works and so forth. And I invite your listeners to experience this, certainly in reading the Revelation itself, in studying Steps to Knowledge, which was the gift of preparation given to me early on in my preparation.

Because, you know, other Messengers have brought great teachings into the world but if they didn’t live long enough or have an opportunity to provide the preparation, then that got invented by other people. In this case, the preparation was given early on, Steps to Knowledge, a mysterious teaching that’s remarkable to study. I’ve been through it many times myself as a student. And everything I talk about in terms of preparing for the world comes back to this idea of preparation and Knowledge. And we can talk about that.

K-T: Now one of the things that I read on your website said, “Inherent in this Message is the understanding that humanity is not alone in the universe or even alone within our own world.” How does humanity get to a place where we truly believe, or the majority of us truly believe, that there is an alien presence, not only on the outside of our planet, but living among us now when we have agencies such as NASA saying that the only possible signs of life are microbes here and there on different planets, but nothing else is out there? How do we get past that kind of propaganda?

MVS: Well, first of all, I don’t think there’s anything I could get everybody in the world to believe in, nor will I try to do that. But I think there’s enough evidence… You know, we’ve been seeing crafts flying in our skies increasingly since the Second World War all over the world, everywhere. Most people never report it because they’re afraid of ridicule or rejection. It’s been seen by countless airline pilots, politicians, even presidents. So I mean, we’re dealing with a phenomenon that is widely viewed because the Intervention, what I call the Intervention, isn’t making any effort to really hide the fact that it’s flying around in our skies. And the other interesting thing about this is, is that, you know, people rarely look up so…

K-T: I agree, I tell you…

MVS: So you know, I love to look up at the stars, at night particularly. But many people are downcast or they’re consumed with their thoughts. And so something can happen above them and maybe only a handful of people would ever notice. But this is going on in our world. It’s a very significant and important thing. In fact, in my view, it is the most important event in human history—the most consequential event—because importance here means what is consequential, not just what fascinates us in the moment or we think is sensational. It’s what has the greatest consequence for our lives and for the lives of all to come in our world. And the fact that we have secret physical agents from beyond our world visiting our world is a real sign, it’s a great sign. And I know people like to make it a real happy or positive thing, but when you begin to look at it objectively, it takes on a very different kind of character.
You know, it’s important for us to recognize that we are now the native peoples of the world. And our history has shown us what has happened to native peoples when they encountered forces from beyond their shores, the colonial forces, particularly in our more recent history, and what happened to those native peoples without exception. So we have to take the lessons of life and the lessons of intervention to recognize that we are dealing with forces here who are operating in secret. They’re having immense impact on certain people they choose to influence. People are being taken against their will. And they are setting up a plan in our midst without our permission, without our consent. They are establishing the rules of engagement, not us. And we’re the ones who really should be establishing that, which is something that we could talk about when we talk about preparation.

You know, what would bring a New Message from God in the world would have to be something very, very big. And there are two things that are very, very big. One is the environmental change in the world that’s happening today, the fact that we have altered our climate to such an extent that it will now proceed to become a hot planet, a hot planet that will challenge the survival of civilization. Many people can’t deal with this or want to think it’s something else. But we have altered our planet in a way that will have great consequence for us. Even if we can adapt to it, it will have great consequence. We’re entering a different kind of world that even our parents experienced and that is going to continue—great storms striking the world, great droughts. I mean, we have unleashed a monster into the world. And it’s happened before in our world. There’s been five major mass extinctions in our world. One of them was caused by an asteroid. The other five were caused by the change in atmospheric chemistry. It was caused by natural means or geologic means in those days. Now we are creating that scenario very rapidly.

So that is one of the things that has brought a New Message from God in the world. The other thing is our emergence into a Greater Community of intelligent life that we know nothing about for which we must prepare. So that really is the two big things that could alter the outcome for everyone and the future of our world as we know it.

K-T: OK, you’ve brought up something that I had down to ask you later, but I’m gonna go ahead and ask you now since you brought it up. Now there are serious concerns over the natural disasters that have taken place in recent years and here lately the unprecedented hurricanes that have occurred. And some say that even though it has not been in the news for obvious reasons, some experts believe that ultimately down the line Fukushima will be an extinction level event due to the killing of every living thing in the world’s ocean and the enormous amount of radiation that’s continuing to leak out of those reactors. Now, I want to know what you think about that?

MVS: Well I think if that was the major threat it would be part of the New Message. I mean there are many threats. I mean, I don’t want to make this sound like this is the only thing that’s endangering us. But if the climate continues to heat it will heat the waters of the world which creates super storms. It will heat the atmosphere which will melt the glaciers of the world. The seas will rise. Our crops will fail. This is very big. And it threatens a lot of people’s ideology. Um, a lot of people try to contribute it to other causes. But if anything brings carbon dioxide into the atmosphere extremely as we are doing now, it is going to create a hot world. This world has been a hot world many times over in its geological history, way before humanity was here. And science has been able to determine that and demonstrate that, ascertain that in recent years. So there are many threats. There’s certainly threat of global nuclear war; that’s being sort of recharged as we speak.

But you know our entire existence depends on a few inches of topsoil. Think about that for a moment—our entire existence. (K-T: It’s very…) Our topsoil is being lost dramatically around the world. And you know if, if the climate becomes too hot, the soil, all the moisture in the soil disappears and the soil blows away like a dust bowl—just gone. So that, the thing I’m talking about, which is really hard to face—I mean I really have a hard time dealing with this. And the New Message has presented some very dramatic statements about it. But it’s part of the world we live in. It’s one of the reasons why we’re here. We didn’t come to this planet to sit on the beach. We came here to contribute something to a world in great transition. And you know the changing environment we call the Great Waves of change, this is how the New Message calls the great climatic and environmental changes of our time and to come, is also one of the reasons why there’s Intervention here.

It’s all connected you see. Because the Great Waves of change can weaken human civilization, human governments to such an extent that they will become–, the attempt to persuade them to allow the Intervention to establish itself here formidably will be increasing, and it’s very great for certain people already. If nations can’t feed their people, then society breaks down. If the cost of dealing with super storms exceeds any nation’s economic reality, then things begin to break down. So it would take something very significant like this very great change—change really unheard of for a very long time, global now, not just regional—to bring a New Message from God in the world to rescue humanity; to prepare humanity; to call upon our strengths, our talents, our abilities; to bring an end to ceaseless conflict so that we can begin to recognize and prepare for the great challenges that we now face while we still have time to prepare.
You know, there’s a lot of theories about visitation and who’s in our skies and government’s involvement whether that’s pro or against ah the presence of visitors, the thing we need to know is that they are here and they have their own agenda and we are not setting the agenda.

K-T: Is transhumanism one of the things that they’re trying to accomplish?

MVS: Well, they’re establishing themselves as the future rulers of humanity without the use of force. Why without the use of force? Because they need our natural environment to be unspoiled and they need humanity as a workforce. These are, these are smart. These are, this is not like your Star Wars universe where, you know, people are blowing up their ships and their planets. This is how nations using great skill and secrecy begin to establish themselves in worlds because conquest is not allowed in our part of the galaxy. This is one of the things the New Message reveals to us. So influence has to be established in other ways and this is what we’re facing and, but who would know it?

And one of the reasons that people have so much difficulty understanding this is because we don’t understand what life is like in the universe. Either it’s a big empty universe and the only life out there is bacterial, which is ridiculous, or we think uni-, some people think the universe is full of enlightened beings who no longer need resources and never engage in war. And somewhere in the middle of all that is the truth that life beyond our world is like our life here only vastly greater, larger and more complex. So it’s not a total mystery that we’ll never understand. In fact, our worldly wisdom gives us the foundation for beginning to understand the reality of this Greater Community of life into which we’re emerging. And the New Message begins to open the doors for us to see clearly what that life is really like because if we can’t see that we’ll never understand who’s here, why they’re where or what they’re setting out to do.

It’ll be a subject of pure speculation, wishful thinking, preferential thinking. We’re blind. We’re going into the future, the greatest event in human history, blind and we can’t do that. The consequences are too great.

And you know, I know what I am presenting is, can be really pretty unnerving but I want to make this emphasis. This Intervention is the best thing that could happen to humanity because it’s the only thing that will unite humanity sufficiently to be able to restore the world and to establish our boundaries to space. Because if we’re a set of warring tribes down here on the ground, we’re easy prey. We are easy prey—divide and conquer: been done for centuries all over the world. History teaches us this. Life teaches us this. So we have to begin now to grow up. It’s like an upgrade for humanity based on necessity, but it’s an upgrade; time to come out of our self-obsessed lives and begin to look at our environment to see what, how we may be able to play a part in supporting and strengthening humanity. It will take a force from beyond us—a threatening force from beyond us—to really galvanize any kind of real human unity in our world. It’s very, I, how else could it possibly happen? (K-T: Right) Great Waves of change in the world could lead the nations of the world to fight and struggle over the remaining resources of the world, so that could plunge us into endless and total warfare.

But the Greater Community’s presence here signals a need to unite and cooperate and begin to plan for how we’re going to establish our boundaries to space. Because, and I want to make this…there’re so many things I wish that I had time to make clear here because there’s so much confusion out there. The presences in the world are very small. They’re nonmilitary. They’re very persuasive. They’ve been studying us for a long time. We’ve been broadcasting out into space all of our conflicts, our weaknesses, our foolishness, our indulgences. I mean, if you want to make the universe think that we’re a silly, disorganized, weak race, we’ve certainly been broadcasting that message out there.
So it is the strength of humanity that’s going to save us. No race can come here and save us without taking us over. And no race should take us over. If we’re ever to grow up and become the real stewards of this world living now in a Greater Community of life, having to deal with other races who seek to gain advantage or influence here, this kind of maturation process has to happen. It, not everyone’s going to do it—certainly not. But you know, the world isn’t changed by everyone. It’s changed by the people who have a real need and a real interest. Margaret Meade said, the great anthropologist, “The world is changed by small groups of people working closely together.” I’m paraphrasing that. It’s not by everyone thinking the same way or believing in the same thing because, boy, that’s never happened before and it probably never will happen.

But the reality of our declining world and the reality of the real nature of visitation of our world are the two things that have the power to ignite a greater unity. I don’t see anything else that will do it. God knows nothing else will do it. That is why God has given the Revelation to meet these two great needs, to teach people the Way of Knowledge so they can begin to find their inner courage and strength, begin to unite the world’s religions because they’ve all come from the same Source and they have all been changed by man.

We are now at a threshold where we can’t be fooling around. We can’t be warring with each other. This is, ah, we’re dealing with a larger reality that’s now infringing itself upon us and that could be the saving grace that we really need now. It’s a greater context for understanding who we are in the universe, what we must do to be a free race in the universe where freedom is actually rare—a nonhuman universe. A universe that we can begin to learn about through this great Revelation that I’ve take so long to receive. And it’s here, it’s, we make most of it, the part that’s been developed thus far brought into print, free online. We want people to see it. We have now readers all over the world, in over 90 countries. We want people to see this because there’s nowhere else in the world you’re going to find this to this extent.

K-T: OK, so what would you say is the single most important thing people need to keep in mind and where can they find more information about this, Marshall?

MVS: OK, very good. There’s three things that need to happen with enough people, not everybody, but enough people. We need awareness that we’re no longer alone in our world, that we have interlopers here who are acting in secrecy without our permission in being here. We need to learn about the presence of the Greater Community, what the Greater Community is, how it functions, which finally is available to us in ways that never was present before. Not because of some person’s, ah, you know, notions, but because of a Revelation of such strength and integrity that if you have the courage and humility to look into it, it will reveal its strength, its honesty, its purity to you. And the third thing, the key ingredient here is Knowledge because we’re not going to understand this through belief. We’re not going to prepare for this merely by belief or having the right ideas. We’re going to prepare for this because something in us is moving us to do that. This thing that moved my life so tremendously for so long, it’s that same force that lives waiting to be discovered within all of us—all of you, everyone listening. We don’t control it, but it is who we really are. Its outward manifestation looks like intuition but it’s much greater than intuition.

People can read about this in the New Message teaching on Greater Community Spirituality, Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing, The Declaration of Human Sovereignty, which is just fantastic. We just published the book, The Greater Community: Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe. And we’re in the process of publishing the book entitled Preparing for the Greater Community.

So we’re doing everything we can to bring the Greater Community Teachings of the New Message, which is only one part of the New Message, to as many people as possible because the need is just profound. Otherwise we are going to be living in the dark not knowing: what is happening, why it’s happening, what it means and what we must do.

So what I’m telling you today is the starting point. And the starting point is about preparation and education. We can’t get there from where we are now; we don’t know enough. We don’t have the information we need and that’s why this has been given to us now. God knows what we need. We’re all over the place about what we think we need. But God knows what we need. And what we need to know about the universe which is, may not be what we want to think or believe, is being revealed to us in the most essential, powerful way that I can imagine.

K-T: Well, Marshall, this is a short interview. I’m sorry that we’re running short on time, but hopefully I can get you back on the show. And I do appreciate you stopping by and sharing your Message. Many blessings to you and you’re welcome to come back anytime.

MVS: OK, well good, maybe we can continue our conversation soon.

K-T: Oh absolutely.

MVS: OK, thank you.

K-T: Alright, that’s going to do it for tonight’s edition. I want to thank Marshall Vian Summers again for joining me. Get more where this came from by going to Mysterious Radio dot com and listen to our free editions that we release for your enjoyment…

Recorded on December 5, 2017 by Mysterious Radio