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Iain Lee: For me radio is all about stories, and that story can be that you’ve crashed your car today or it can be that the world’s going to end, and everything in between. And, um, so you know kind of Marshall that we’ve got on now is not kind of the usual guests that we have on. But I just think the story is so fascinating whether you believe it, whether you don’t with—I, that’s that’s not even the issue for me. It’s, it’s the story. And we’ve got – I’m struggling with my computer– we’ve got Marshall Summers on.

Marshall, it’s good to talk to you. Thank you for just sticking around through those adverts. I don’t know if you heard what Kath and I were saying before we went to the break, that when Reed came on I’d taken your website apart with a fine-tooth comb and I was looking for the con. I was looking for the, “You, to be part of our organization, you need to send us 500 bucks and you’ll get to heaven quicker,” and all of that. And there is it, apart from you selling books and apart from the donation page, which is legitimate, is why, why are you doing this?

Marshall Vian Summers: Well, I’m doing this because over a 35-year period I’ve been given a magnificent Message for the world that I feel, and from my own experience and from my understanding of this, which has grown in time, that this will answer some of the biggest questions of life (IL: Yep) about who we are, why we’re here, what is happening in the world and where we’re all going together. Because we’re all going somewhere together as if we were standing on a moving sidewalk. We could be arguing with each other. We could take any point of view. We could believe in anything we want to believe in. But we’re going somewhere together. And that’s really important. It’s important for us; important for our children. We see a world that’s being frac–, ever more fractured, torn asunder. We see nations being divided internally. We have craft flying in our sky without explanation, without invitation. We see, you know, war talk going on, saber rattling—everything in this world. And it doesn’t make sense and we don’t make sense within it. But in the deeper level we do start to make sense.

IL: Yeah

MVS: And what we were talking about before your break, this thing about having a deeper intelligence within us, something that’s beyond intuition, is really what anchors us because it’s the only part of us that cannot be manipulated. It’s the only part of us that cannot be corrupted, even by ourselves.

IL: Hmm

MVS: You know truth and lies begin with what we tell ourselves. So, we’re the worst at corruption sometimes within ourselves. But there’s something within us that’s really important, and it’s our ground of being and it’s our divining rod. And you know, everybody experiences it sometimes, or at times. And it can make all the difference in the decisions we make, whether we go down a fruitful path or we go down a path of self-destruction you know everything we do is based around decisions and we base those decisions on either this deeper intelligence within us or upon, you know, our own preferences or the persuasions of others.

IL: You say the persuasion–, I’ve, I’ve done a really silly TV show over here recently, Marshall, where basically for–, I lived in the jungle for three weeks. (MVS: Uh huh) And so for four weeks I didn’t have phones or computers. And the–, everything is so noisy. Everything is so noisy! We–, even if you’re, you know, once I came out of the jungle, just seeing posters and billboards and TVs and radios and clothes and cameras and– There is so much noise around us. Having that month of not having electronic communications (MVS: Yes) and not having, you know, not checking Twitter and not–. And that was a month, right? That was a month. That was four weeks. Ev–, I just felt everything subsiding (MVS: Mm hum) and I felt um calmer. I felt more at peace; and I certainly felt more focused. There are so many distractions in the world, aren’t there?

MVS: Yes, truly. And you know all that stimulation keeps us up at the surface of our minds, (IL: Yeah) which is very turbulent. It’s like the surface of the ocean. If you were to observe this on the side of a ship, it’s always turbulent; (IL: Yeah) doesn’t make any sense. It’s blowing this way. It’s blowing that way. One day calm. One day turbulent. But what we don’t see from the side of the ship is actually that water is moving around the globe, circumnavigating the globe, powered by celestial powers—the gravity of the moon, for example. So we live at the surface in a very turbulent state and our world reflects that. But deep down within us is a much more quiet state.

And I’m so glad you had this (IL: Mmm) experience of being away from the technological, electronic world because it’s almost like you have a chance to reconnect with yourself at a more fundamental level–

IL: Oh, completely.

MVS: because–

IL: Let’s go back, go back to something you said. You listed, you know, things that are going wrong with the world and you know, the world– You know, I’ve got kids and they’re babies. And the world is a terrifying place with terrorism and wars and corruption in politics—all this kind of stuff. And in that list you made, and I’m nodding there go “Hmm, yeah, yeah,” you mentioned craft that are flying in the skies. The, what did you mean by that?

MVS: I meant we are experiencing a visitation and an intervention by races from beyond the world, physical races—not interdimensional beings, not angels, not demons—but other races who are here looking for resources, looking for opportunity; they’re the opportunists. And they’re entering a very dangerous time for humanity where we’re very vulnerable to persuasion, because that is their tool; that is their power. And this is part of the phenomenon of our life in the world today that has been growing in prominence ever since the Second World War. And it’s something that governments keep secret. In fact, some of those secrets come out has happened recently in the United States. And we can all feel this at some level. You know the, the sense that we’re being watched; the sense that things aren’t right in the world; the sense that some things just don’t feel right and we can’t put our finger on it. It’s not necessarily politics or the usual kinds of arenas of human corruption or deception. There’s things going on in the world that affect us at a deeper level.

Sometimes we become depressed and it has nothing to do with us. Sometimes we become highly anxious; it may not have anything to do with us. So because at some level, a deeper level, we are tuned in to this larger environment of life (IL: Mmm) that we live in. You know, we’re not just social products, as I mentioned before. I mean we are, we are spiritual beings that have an eternal foundation. And our whole experience of being in the world has been shaped by the world; but that only represents a small part of us.

So this is going to be very important when we have an opportunity to talk about the two greatest challenges facing humanity, because this Knowledge that lives within us is the missing piece that will make the difference between whether we see, know and take action—or not.

IL: OK, go on, man.

MVS: And that’s why it is so important.

IL: Let’s get, go on, man—give us the two greatest challenges.

MVS: Well, I will tell you why the New Message has been given–

IL: Yeah…

MVS: –something that I didn’t know at the beginning. In fact, I was really kept in the dark for a long time while this thing came slowly, slowly came into being. And I will say, because I think this is important, that I was being tested during those early years. (IL: Mm-hmm) For instance, I was held back for 20 years from going on the media with this.

IL: By whom? By the voices, the voices?

MVS: Yeah, yes, was not ready. Was not ready.

IL: In what way not ready? (crosstalk)

MVS: I didn’t have the depth of understanding–

IL: Right.

MVS: The New Message had not been revealed fully to me. I was still in formation to be its Messenger. I had some per–, I had to set aside personal distractions considerably. I had to establish a practical foundation for my life—a lot of work. And beginning to receive this and to publish its books took a very long time. And all the Message hasn’t even been given yet. So, it’s that big because of the great challenges facing humanity. So the New Message has been given for four reasons fundamentally.

It’s been given first because we’re entering a new world reality; a world of declining resources; a world of disruptive climate and weather, which will increase as we go further. We’re living in a world of greater upheaval and instability, as if we were a growing population drinking from a slowly shrinking well. And the tensions that this creates—the fracturing, the distrust, the unease the political bickering and divisions—it sends these fracture lines moving in all directions, because the ground beneath us is changing. I’ve asked so many people in my travels around the world, “How do you feel about the future?” And I would say that 99 out of 100 would say, “Not good.” (IL: Yeah.) That’s all the English they could say, but, “Not good.” Or they would shake their head because innately we sense that we are heading into very difficult times, which is the truth. OK? Let’s not give ourselves “happy talk” and think that, you know, this is all going to be fine and worked out; or that God is going to intervene and make everything right for us, because we’re the ones sent here to the world to make things right (IL: Hmm) And if we can’t get the job done then we have to face the consequences. So we’re entering a new world reality. We call that the Great Waves of change: political change, environmental change, economic change. The feeling of turbulence is there.

The second big reality is contact with intelligent life in the universe. (IL: Yeah.) Because races from the universe are interfering in our world, acting surreptitiously, here without our permission or consent, setting their own boundaries and rules of contact.

IL: Let me get, Marshall, let me, because that is where I think you’re gonna lose a significant number of people. I think everything you’ve said up to that point, and I’m not saying this is necessarily my opinion, I’m just… Up to that point everything you said, people I think could, could pretty much, will be nodding along with. But to–, I think some people might start going, “Uh, hang on,” when you say that they’re… You, you believe there are aliens, what?, living amongst us in human form, manipulating society?

MVS: No, I’m not saying that. (IL: Go on.) I’m saying that they’re flying in our skies with impunity. This has happened in the UK. It’s happened in America. It’s happened in every country in the world; been sighted by airline pilots, Air Force pilots…

IL: Oh yeah, I’ve seen the stories,

MVS: …presidents…

IL: Yeah.

MVS: I mean this is something…and countless numbers of people, most of whom are afraid to ever talk about it for fear of rejection. So that’s a big reality. And that’s one of the reasons the New Message is here, because we don’t know what is happening and we don’t know how to prepare for it. (IL: Hmm.) And that puts us at a tremendous disadvantage. So a lot of people are afraid to look at this; I mean, it’s very, it’s very ominous really…

IL: When you say “ominous”…

MVS: It’s going to be the most, it’s going to be the biggest life changing event human history.

IL: Are you suggesting that there is going to be some kind of intergalactic war? And by the way, I’ve seen a UFO; me and my wife saw one. And, you know, so I kind of buy what you’re saying. Are you suggesting there’s going to be some war?

MVS: No. I’m not suggesting that because, in our region of space, according to the New Message, its Revelation about Life in the Universe, war is suppressed in our region of space, because advanced nations have found other ways to influence each other without the use of force. And if you think about this for a minute, it makes total sense because if you want to, if you want have control over another’s world or resources, you want to preserve as much as you can. You don’t want to destroy things. See? I mean this is intelligence. This is–. We think of life in the universe like our movies, which is a big shooting gallery. That is not life in the universe. So we are dealing with much more refined levels of persuasion and influence. And this is how those who are present in our world are engaging with people in attempting to influence certain individuals in positions of power in religion, commerce and government. This is something that’s a very behind-the-scenes. But, people are experiencing encounters all over the world with very damaging effects.

So what I’m presenting has decades and decades of evidence behind it. I’m not here–, I’m not a UFOlogist. But I’m telling you that the Revelation is giving us the eyes to see. It’s opening the doors for the reality of life in our local universe, as nothing else I know of (IL: Yeah) has ever done.

IL: How is getting the Message across going? And I’ll tell you why I ask that, because, um, you know one of the great ways of communicating these days is online. And as much as I hate social media, Twitter is essential for me to say, “Hey guys, I’m back on the radio tonight after five weeks away.” And then loads of people come. And I noticed that you were on Twitter. You, your personal account has 309 followers. (MVS: Mm hum) The New Message from God account has one thousand, one hundred and sixty four followers. Now that says to me, if I’m wrong again you’ll correct me, that says to me they’re ain’t that many people listening, Marshall.

MVS: Oh, well. Well, we seem to have quite a few people, and uh. You know it’s interesting because we make our Teaching free online. And so people are studying it all over the place–(IL: Yeah) –people we don’t even know. I mean, we don’t even know how many people are studying it. Sometimes people will order books, physical books, which we have to make. But you know we, it’s going to be in thousands. You know we have two hundred and thirty thousand people following us on Facebook. So you know what I’m presenting a lot of people are taking time to take in. (IL: Yeah) This is a big thing. I’m not here just to tell you a few things.

IL: No, oh no, oh no.

MVS: I’m here to bring a whole new reality, really.

IL: And you–. But is it not frustrating, because I think you’ve written fifteen, sixteen, seventeen books. And two hundred and thirty thousand people is a lot compared to, I don’t even know, what it is now, 7.2 billion people it’s a grain of sand. Is it, are you not frustrated that you have this message that you believe in so strongly, but it, people are not quite getting it, or the numbers who are getting it are small.

MVS: Well, bringing something of this magnitude into the world is a long term project. It will certainly extend beyond my lifetime. It will take many, many years and what I’m bringing, as I mentioned, is the whole new reality. And you know, regarding interest in visitation I think that’s very widespread.

IL: Yeah, oh yeah.

MVS: We have some students in China who talk about the Chinese interest, for an example, in visitation and extraterrestrial, the extraterrestrial presence in the world, which the government allows and even supports, to a certain extent. So we think of people, and one of the things that I’ve written about, is some people really have a Greater Community or a universal life orientation. It’s innate within them. (IL: Yeah) It’s natural to them (IL: Yeah) And I call these Greater Community people because they have a natural fascination and draw towards the reality of the universe, life in the universe, the possibility of visitation. I’m sure every astronomer in the world would fall into this category, as well as people who have an innate interest in the reality of visitation and question what the alien agenda could possibly be.

IL: Mm. Marshall, listen. We’re going to take one more break. When we get back we’ve got about another 15 minutes and I really want you at that 15 minutes is yours, because I want to make sure you get across everyth– 15 minutes!– but you get across everyth–, I don’t you to go away and feel that we cheated you. So we’ll come back in a couple of minutes, is that OK?


IL: Nice one, man. Thank you very much indeed. I keep going to give out the phone number, but I don’t want any phone calls because I’m really enjoying this Good evening dear listener. My name is Ian Lee. The show is the Late-night Alternative. You’re listening to talk radio.

IL: Now which button do I press? That one; there we go. Speaking to Marshall Summers from Colorado. Marshall, before we go give us the website let’s get, let’s get the website so people want to have a little look themselves where do they go?

MVS: Certainly. New Message dot org (IL: Yep) is the website. And you can search Greater Community. You can search Relationships and Higher Purpose. You can search the Great Waves of Change. You can search higher, you can search higher purpose, Steps to Knowledge.

All these great resources are there, available to people around the world to read free of charge I want people to have this information; it’s so important. And certainly given what we talked about this evening (IL: Mm) before you come to any conclusions about visitation to our world or why they’re here or they are, I really recommend that you read The Allies of Humanity Briefings, something we didn’t have time to talk about very much tonight (IL: Yeah) And that’s free online to at AlliesofHumanity dot org.

We’re a nonprofit organization. We attempt to make all this available as free as possible; and people donate and help us to do that. So that’s the nature of our work.

I think everyone is facing and feeling the difficulties of this day and the days to come. And what I want to say is that God has given us a powerful intelligence. It’s not our intellect alone, because our intellect alone is really a servant. It either serves the world or it serves other people or ti serves something within (IL: Uh huh) us that’s really connected to a higher Source. And that power can guide you, help you, hold you back at times of decision, give you clarity and meaning. And that is, that is a central part of the whole New Message teaching; because if we don’t have this Knowledge, we’re living haphazard lives. We’re going from thing to thing. We have no real sense of purpose. We’re living at the surface. We’re overwhelmed with the world around us, overstimulated.

And yet there’s something in each one of you that has a direction and a purpose for being here. And we can’t figure it out; we have to experience it. It is an experience. And it’s this experience that I really encourage and support and I hope that people who receive the New Message and can learn from it can begin to feel, you know, the whole pathway to developing this connection between our worldly mind and this deeper intelligence that’s presented in the book, Steps to Knowledge, which is also free online to read. It provides in a step-by-step manner ways to begin to engage with this deeper intelligence in the simplest, most practical ways; in ways that are most natural to who we are as individuals.

This–. You know I couldn’t speak of all these things if there was no solution, if there was no pathway. If we’re just facing something huge and overwhelming and I–, there’s nothing we can do. (IL: No) Really the ball’s in our court in terms of preparing for the Great Waves of change, for our encounter of intelligent life, which for the first time, I believe, is being presented to us in the clearest possible terms in a way that can be translated easily; that is being translated now in 27 different languages.

We have 51 translators at work, making this available to people in all countries—and free of charge. And a lot of our work is just providing this resource as far and as wide as we possibly can We have many readers in the UK, and we bless and honor them. And I’m glad that I have an opportunity to speak to your audience tonight. I know they are feeling many of the things that I might have touched upon, and that you certainly do touch upon in your program. But we have to think big now. We have to think about the world because the world is going to shape what’s going to be available to us as individuals.

IL: Um–

MVS: We all have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, but (IL: Yeah) we need more of that jungle experience that you had (IL: Mm) to open up those senses to something bigger going on around us.

IL: Oh mate, totally, totally, totally, totally. And you know, mine was, it was a tiny thing and it was but not, you know I lived in the jungle. But it wasn’t real and it was a TV show. But even that, even that brief experience has changed my persp–. I think it may have been you, Kath, someone asked me what what are you going to take out of the jungle. I said, “Perspective.” I just got perspective on my life, on my relationships, on the people I want to spend time with the people I don’t want to spend time with; on technology; on my job. I got perspective. And that was that was you know a few weeks doing a silly TV program without phones. OK, so what we’ve got literally 10 minutes um what what do we do then? Obviously we can go and read the books and we can look at the stuff online. But what is it we need to do to get in touch with this Message and receive it ourselves and, you know, that make the world a better place?

MVS: Well, the New Message really is pointing us to a big evolutionary shift for humanity. And this encounter with intelligent life in the universe is probably the biggest event that can have the real promise of the uniting a fractured humanity—out of necessity. It will force us to do this just like climate change will force us, over time, through great perhaps suffering if we delay. It’s going to force us to deal with something bigger than ourselves that involves all of us and our well-being in our future. The New Message provides numerous tools for how to focus, how to manage your own mind, your feelings, your emotions in such a way that you stay connected to this deeper intelligence within you; and a way to experience that, how that expresses itself through you as an individual.

But this is all being driven by necessity now. This is not just a pastime or a hobby or a pleasure for somebody who has lots of time on their hands. This is something –. We have a need to know where we’re going and what’s going on around us. And we have to be very sober about that. You know this is not an adventure in consciousness I’m talking about. This is something that has to do with our fundamental survivability as individuals. But we’re living in an environment of ever-increasing manipulation and surveillance. How are we going to protect our inner selves from that, that part of us that cannot be manipulated? That is so important if we’re to be able to have a clear mind and be able to see where we need to go with real clarity and authority.

IL: Um, you sou–, you know you sound optimistic. You sound, you said yourself that if you thought it was game over there will be no point in you doing this. Do you genuinely think, you know, in your world belief of all these potential things that are going to happen, do you genuinely think that it’s going to be all right?

MVS: Oh, well. I will say this. If it looks like it was game over, there would be no New Message from God. It would be game over.

IL: Right.

MVS: And we are just going to sink progressively into a mire of poverty and deprivation and conflict. The thing is that when you have a gift to give to the world—and everyone has some kind of gift to give to the world—you do it anyway. You don’t just do it when you get promised the reward, or “It’s gonna work.” And you know, your promise, there’s no promise of success in life. You do it anyway. If it’s the good thing to do, if it’s the real thing to do, you do it anyway. I’m going to do this anyway. Don’t tell me the odds. I know it looks terrible. I know a lot of people are going to suffer. A lot of people are going to crash in the years to come, because we’re not ready for even where we are today, you know. It’s going to have huge impacts. Look what’s happened you know, in the Gulf storms. Look what’s happened in the fires in California. These fires are going on in Spain, in Portugal. They’re going on in Eastern Europe. I mean Russia. This is happening everywhere. People are suffering from this. This is not some kind of conspiracy theory. This is man versus nature right now. This is the big confrontation, is man versus nature, and man versus life in the universe. These are the two big confrontations. And we have to be willing to look at these things. If we’re going to want to be blind and stay in our little world and not be troubled, we’re going to be victims of change, not the beneficiaries of change.

And this is really, I want to empower people to have this courage and the strength and determination. I have to call it up within myself. I mean, I get very discouraged looking at the world. You know, I just, I feel the tragedy of things. I feel the suffering of things. And yet I’m going to do this anyway, (IL: Mm) because that’s the only way that something of this nature’s ever going to happen, you know? We are designed to do something important for the world and yet we are… Most people are so impoverished they’ll never have a chance to do this— impoverished by religious oppression, political oppression, economic oppression. But for those people who have the chance, it is so important for each of us who has a chance. And that is why our service is needed in the world even it’s in a very small place, nothing grandiose here, you know, no avatars, no saviours. This is everybody doing good where they can. That will make a difference. Otherwise we are in a downward spiral.

IL: And I should say, I should have said this earlier right at the start and I forgot to, that when you talk of God you are this isn’t like a Judeo-Christian god; this isn’t an Islamic–, this isn’t, you know, this is, this is more of a…I’ll do it and you can just nudge me in the right direction. This is a universal, higher power type God, isn’t it?

MVS: This is the God of the entire Universe.

IL: There we go.

MVS: This is the God of a billion, billion, billion races and more, (IL: Wow!) a non-human universe. This is what the New Message has to re–, has to bring us up to date in our understanding about God. Otherwise we’re not living, you know, 1600 years ago; we’re not living 2000 years ago. We’re living in a modern world that requires us to be engaged with it—to be engaged. And not to run away and hide and live a delusional or fantasy-prone life. The God-force within us is expressed through this deeper Knowledge that I speak of. It’s our God-connection. And it’s presented in the simplest, non theological way you can imagine because it’s part of our experience already. We just don’t know about it. We don’t pay attention to it. We dismiss it out of hand often. We don’t realize that something in us is trying to help us, individually. And if people can begin to work with that on their own, their own self-study—I’m not there to guide, to hold their hand or guide them. I’m giving them the tools—free. Take it. Work with it. Use it. Your life is important. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. But its importance has to be found within you for a greater good.

IL: That’s is a great line, that’s a great line to end on, isn’t it? “You’re important.” Marshall, it’s such a joy talking to you. I’m so glad we got to speak. We’ll get you one again. I’m going to ask you a personal question I wouldn’t normally ask people. Are you really 68 years old?

MVS: I am 68 years old.

IL: Dude you’re looking fantastic! You’re like,

MVS: Thank you.

IL: You need to sell that as well. There’s words for you, buddy. (MVS laughs) You’re looking great. Hey listen, man, it’s so nice to talk to you and pass on our best to Reed as well.

MVS: I certainly will. And thank you for your gracious, having me on your show.

IL: Absolute pleasure dude we’ll get you back again. Thank you Marshall, take care, man.

Recorded: Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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