Many people out there have felt the approach of great change in the world, have felt disturbed by it, concerned by it, concerned that people around them are not responding or don’t seem to want to know anything about it.

People have been stirring for a long time, some people. And often they try to do something in response to that, which may or may not be very effective. But you know the stirring happens before the event, often. The premonition begins.

And with great events, great premonitions can start early. I’ve been feeling the onset of great change for 40 years. And I tried to put meaning to that in terms of my life at that time or at any period of time. But often you don’t know the full meaning of this stirring within you until something really great begins to happen—big signs from the world.

I’m not talking about subtle things here. I’m talking about crushing, powerful forces where the entire climate of regions of the world could change to such a point it would be more difficult for people to live there. This is a scope of world change we’re talking about.

We’ve reached a point now where we’ve unleashed powerful forces in the world, and the world will change on its own beyond our control. It’s not the end times. It’s not the end of humanity. But it is a time of great calling, great preparation and great need.

I speak today of all people of conscience, be you of any faith tradition or no faith tradition. If you are responding to these things, if you are seeing this kind of change in your environment or even in far sides of the world, know that Knowledge within you, this deeper power, is beginning to stir.

Stirring happens just to begin to orient you to something, to alert you to something. It’s not like you have an answer for everything or you know exactly what to do with your life or how it’s all going to be. You’re not going to see that. That’s not the stage you’re in. And eventually you’ll never be able to see how it’s all going to be because the future is changing every moment, shifting.

But it means you’re being called to something, called for something, by a greater power within you that’s connected to the greater Power that sent you here, be you of any faith tradition or no faith tradition.

Are you stirred by what you see happening in the world? Are you feeling a calling as the world changes? Marshall Vian Summers explains how this stirring often happens before great events come to pass, and what it means for your life.