So living at the surface of our mind, we make plans and goals. We try to organize our affairs, organize our thinking, avoid chaos—understandably, of course. But everything we build is subject to destruction, undoing. We can’t really have a solid foundation at that level of existence.

So even religion becomes a matter of ardent belief rather than true association because the institution has to survive and compete with others, and so on and so forth.

So the promise that we have is the promise that lives within us. God does not have to micromanage our lives or our affairs, make our decisions for us, guide us in all little things. What kind of God is that? The New Message opens up the panorama of life in the universe—a God of a billion, billion, billion races and more in galaxies beyond count, in dimensions beyond this one…I mean, God cannot be your handmaiden or your errand boy here.

But God has put the perfect guiding Intelligence within us. Be you religious or not, whatever your faith tradition or no faith tradition, it is there for you. God does not care what religion you belong to as long as it can bring you back and connect you with this Knowledge that I speak of.

This excerpt is taken from a teaching given by Marshall on May 11th, 2019 in Boulder, Colorado.