God has placed a deeper conscience within you, a conscience that knows what is true and what is not true, where you must go and where you must not go, whom you must unite with and whom you must not unite with. It represents who you were before you came into the world and who you will be after you have left here, after you have shed your personal and social identity. 

God’s Will for you is to discern and to accept this conscience and to follow it and have it become the foundation of your life.

There are many voices in your mind—the voice of your culture, the voice of your parents, the voice of your nation, the voice of your religious upbringing. But there is only one true voice and this is your deeper conscience, which is not the same as the conscience that your culture and family have imbued you with. It is this deeper conscience that will reshape and redeem your life, as you learn to recognize it, as you learn to separate it from all the other voices in your mind, as you learn to desire it and to recognize its central importance to your life.

Nothing else can navigate the uncertain times ahead. Nothing else can restore to you your real dignity, purpose and power in the world, for these must come from God, and God has put this within you already, waiting to be discovered. It is your deeper conscience that will tell you if you are living the life you know you must live. 

This is how God restores you, gives you clear eyes, freedom from the past. This is how God cleanses your mind and your heart and shows you a way out of your dilemmas, no matter how deep set they may seem to be. This is how God moves through your life and in your life, and it is only at this level that you will know for certain that God is with you and has never left you.


This video features excerpts from Marshall’s Teaching “God Has Never Left You“, streamed live on January 11, 2014