We need to know what is happening right on the surface of our world regarding our encounter with life in the universe. That’s what we need to know. That is what’s essential. If we miss that, we’re in deep trouble.

Think about the history of our world as a demonstration of life in the universe because nature is nature. Intervention is part of nature. Competition is part of nature. Freedom is rare in the universe because it’s hard to achieve and hard to maintain, but well worth it. No one ever became free by accident. And no one ever became wise by accident.

This is the great challenge of our time, this and the condition of our climate and our world. Those two things have the power to destroy human civilization. So that is the great challenge of our time in my view.

Hearing these things is a challenge and a confrontation, but it’s also a calling. This is calling for who we are and why we are really in the world at this time. We’re just here to try to be comfortable and have a few pleasurable items? Is that what’s brought us to the world? Is that what our purpose and destiny is? If that is your purpose and destiny, your soul will starve because that’s not why it’s here. Each of us came here to make a difference, to serve something, not what we wanted, but what was needed. At a small scale, a big scale, any scale.

This is the challenge. This is the calling. The Allies of Humanity are calling us to become responsible and determined and united in the face of what is happening in our world today. There’s no escape, there’s no luxury, there’s no preferred life that’s gonna really work. There’s no running away, there’s no hiding. This is it. This is it.

It’s the best thing that can happen to a weak and struggling humanity. It is a big demand that will require greatness from us. We have to be architects of our own freedom in a universe where freedom is rare. That is the challenge.

And for all those millions of people who have a Greater Community connection inherent within them, this will be very important, very confirming. They’ll begin to understand why they have this, why they feel this, why this has been important in their life, why they and not others are responding to this. It’s the reality of life in the universe, now on our shores.

This video is excerpted from an interview with Marshall Vian Summers by Levy Carneiro in Brazil, April 2019.