What are Changing Weather Patterns Telling Us?

weather patterns are changing

The great fire storms of the world, the great hurricanes of the world, the changing climate and weather patterns of the world—we’ve changed this world so much. And now it’s beginning to respond in ways that are really unpredictable and tend to be very extreme—extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme moisture, extreme drought. This is affecting […]

Being Disturbed by Great Change in the World

Great change in the world

Many people out there have felt the approach of great change in the world, felt disturbed by it, concerned by it, concerned that people around them are not responding or don’t seem to want to know anything about it. Big signs from the world. I’m not talking about subtle things here. I’m talking about crushing, […]

New Teaching Just Released: The Upheaval

Upheaval teaching

Marshall Vian Summers has released a new, never before heard teaching called “The Upheaval,” and during the month of September, he invites you to study it, alongside him, with a personal Study Guide offered below… Keep a Study Journal (free registration required) as you go, highlighting the most important passages of this revelation and noting […]

The World is a Hospital in Need of Service

The world is a hospital

The world is a hospital full of sick people. And when you’re in the hospital, you don’t get angry for the people being sick; you just acknowledge that they’re in that hospital because they are sick. So it really changed my expectations to accept that people are ill in varying degrees—some people obviously very ill; […]

Functional Spirituality in a Changing World

functional spirituality

To be stable in a changing world, you have all four of these Pillars: Relationships; Health; Work; Spiritual development, which is really your connection to Knowledge. In its essence, that’s what creates stability. And you’re only as stable as the weakest of any one of those Pillars. So you can be magnificent in one area, […]

What You Need to Know About the Reality of Pandemics

The reality of pandemics

And it’s important to understand what pandemics are and have been in the history of humanity, in the history of civilization, to know what you’re really looking at. Many people never take the time to look into this. They just assume it’s something. They assume it has a cause or they give it a cause […]

The Impact and Opportunity of COVID19

Opportunity of COVID19

I think this confronts all of us with the things in our lives that are fragile, that are easily shaken; where we don’t have strength, we don’t have resilience in our workplace, in our health, in our relationships, in our circumstances; and even internally, how easily we might be able…be overcome with a sudden event […]

Thoughts and Beliefs Are Not Reality


Reality is everything that is happening beyond your thoughts and beliefs. No matter what you think, that’s all happening. And to get real in the world is to be with reality. And there are people who can just reveal more reality to you then you can reveal to yourself. And so your sources of information […]

Stability in a Global Pandemic

stability during pandemic

The first step is to become as stable as you can be under these circumstances, whatever that may be for you. You’re not going to figure things out. You’re not going to have a plan for the future. You’re not going to try to encompass a greater reality if you’re fundamentally unstable. So the first […]

The COVID19 Pandemic Is a Great Equalizer

Pandemic as equalizer

Facing this pandemic and facing anything important in life is not about having answers or solutions. You don’t have a solution for the pandemic. You don’t even know what it is yet. You don’t even know what it’s going to do. You don’t even know if you’re going to be affected by it, or in […]