So people today base their understanding on little bits of information they get from the internet or people or people they don’t know or whatever, and they call that understanding. They have no depth. They can’t penetrate anything. They can’t focus on anything for very long, unless their job requires them to do it and sometimes maybe not even then.

So we’re living in an age of tremendous superficiality and disinformation. Because when the New Message gives you something to consider and understand, it’s only the first step in that understanding. You can’t run outside and “I have the truth, I have the truth,” and go tell your friends at the coffee shop, “Oh, I got this message. Lookit, lookit, look.” No, don’t do that. It’s just the first step. There might be eight steps after that to really understand what the message is. It’s that penetration.

If you went off for six months in isolation and only had ten Steps from Steps to Knowledge, it would probably take you very far. That’s the only thing you had to read so you will get all those eight steps.

So looking ahead, be intelligent. Learn how to see and listen without evaluation in a state of neutrality. If you look this way, you’ll see things you never could see because if you look trying to get things, you only see what you’re trying to get. You will not see the nature of another, the condition of another, the value of another. It’s incredible.

Your assessment must be ongoing; it’s not like a once in a while thing. And if you’re going to navigate a radically changing world, you really need to look at the changing conditions in front of you most of the time, rather than far away. Far away that’s all changing anyway; by the time you get there, it won’t be quite like that.

Having working assumptions is appropriate. Having fixed beliefs deadens the mind and prevents you from seeing.

How do we find direction in a radically changing world?
Marshall Vian Summers discusses an approach and practice to help you navigate a radically changing world.

This clip is from a teaching given by Marshall Vian Summers during the Messengers Vigil, January 2020.

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