The World Will be unrecognizable in 2029

We’re facing something that has never been faced by the people of the world as a whole before. And we’re all facing it.

The world is failing to adequately respond to prepare to the great environmental crisis that is here. The New Message said in 2009 that the world would be unrecognizable in 20 years, not that its mountains have shifted or the deserts have become forests. It’s just that the landscape that we knew and our parents knew has changed, and our life with it has changed.

The world is failing. Its religions are failing to unite around their common Source and their common purpose, in competition with each other for power and dominance and preeminence.

Everything that is unified and brought to the world is turned into Separation here because it is a world of Separation. Heaven keeps trying, fortunately, but at a time of critical need there can be a Great Awakening amongst humanity.