Extraterrestrials are Colonizing Our World


We’re the native peoples now of this world. And we’ve only to look at the history of intervention in our world to see what has happened to the native peoples who faced intervention from other groups from other parts of the world at real turning points in the world’s development and evolution; that we are now the native peoples of this one world facing an intervention that is using guile and deception to gain a dominance in this world without the use of force.

This world is far too valuable to other alien nations to risk it in a state of conflict. Humanity is diminishing in the face of this. Human will, human faith, human cooperation is diminishing in the face of this intervention to cast this influence over many more people with each passing day. Their goal is not to eliminate us but to use us, for they cannot breathe our atmosphere.

They cannot live in our world for reasons only the New Message is revealing at this time. For the New Message is opening the doors to the reality of life in our local universe so we can understand the intervention that is occurring in the world today with clear eyes, using our native wisdom and understanding to see this clearly without projecting our fears or our preferences, our ideology, even our religion, upon an event that is part of nature itself, for intervention is part of nature itself.