We're losing the livability of our environment


We’re losing the livability of our environment. In many parts of the world, it will become too hot for people to live there. Where will they go? No one wants them.

We’re losing the splendor of nature, as our forests burn, as our crops fail, as our species die.

We’re losing the experience of Knowledge. People are being obsessed, taken over. Their minds aren’t theirs anymore. They’re unresponsive. They’re unfeeling. They don’t know what to do.

We’re losing a desire for God. We’re losing hope. We’re losing trust.

We’re losing real relationship. We’re losing our place in life as people are forced to move and leave, increasingly. What happens when the entire Middle East has to move because it’s 130 degrees outside? It was 122 degrees in North Africa this last year in one spot. That’s not survivable.