The Alien presence

While it may be appropriate for an alien race to share with us their experience and wisdom from afar, it is not appropriate for alien races to come here uninvited and attempt to interfere in and manipulate human affairs, even under the guise of helping us.

In humanity’s experience of Contact so far, our authority and proprietary rights as the native peoples of this world are being circumvented. The “visitors” have pursued their own agenda, without regard for humanity’s approval or informed participation.

As the indigenous peoples of this world, we have the right and responsibility to determine when and how visitation will occur and who may enter our world. We must let it be known to all alien nations and groups in the Universe that we are a self-determined race and that we intend to exercise our rights and responsibilities as a race of free peoples in the universe around us.

At every turn we must take an active role to discern and oppose this extraterrestrial Intervention.