So if we look and listen and try to tune out all of the artifact, the worthless information around us, to try to tune in to what we see is coming without trying to get value from it or get validated by it, you can actually see things that are emerging. It might be a distant little event out there, but that event can grow slowly or explode—overtaking us.

So we’re being given the eyes to see. And the eyes to see is for the now and for what is coming over the horizon, not for the distant future, not a date when something might happen 15 years from now, but what is moving in the world, and the potential of that to affect many, many people as we go forward.

The world brings you out of Separation, if seen correctly. It calls for your engagement, your awareness, your preparation.

Otherwise, you just become lost in yourself, and it’s a downward spiral when that happens into an ever-darkening situation.

So this is a gift of empowerment, realization and personal responsibility. But it’s also a tragedy, and I think we have to know the tragedy here. And never tell yourself that, you know, the tragedy is everyone’s determining their own circumstances and their own demise.

When people think they’re really creating their own reality, that’s only within the sphere of yourself and your immediate circumstances because everyone else is creating the reality you live in. So your reality is a grain of sand on the beach, but it is affecting your perception and your activities and your choices. So in that sense it’s very important.

But never think that your reality is going to trump the reality around—pardon the pun on that—that your personal reality is going to define what happens in your life, or that the nature of your thought, if your thought is very high and spiritual, is going to protect you against something like we’re facing now.

You know, the New Message is immensely practical and functional. It’s here to make us functional as well as inspired. And if we’re entering a period of rapid change and upheaval, we need functionality like never before because otherwise, we’re just gonna be swept away, and full of anger and complaint and grief and self-pity, just be swept away. And many people will be swept away by this. They will live in denial until something happens and then it’s too late to do anything.

Marshall Vian Summers discusses the gift and tragedy of these times when functional spiritual practice is needed to see what is emerging in the world.

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