So I’m going to focus on three things—seeing, knowing and taking action—to prepare for a sudden emerging Great Wave such as this.

So we’ll begin with seeing. Seeing here is pretty critical at the outset because your ability to see and understand will determine what follows, what course of action you will follow, and what things you will not follow. So can we see this as it really is, rather than as we want it to be, wish it could be, or how we think it’s going to resolve, or what the experts say, or what somebody in the internet says? Can we see this for what it is, to objectively face this as a pandemic? Because I assure you, this is not the seasonal flu we’re dealing with here. Its mortality is far greater. Its spread is far more dangerous. And we have no immunity.

So in seeing something, particularly for the first time, but even ongoing, you have three different responses that are possible:
You can go towards it, which means you’re facing it. “I’m going to face this. I’m going to be with this. I’m going to learn from this.”

You can go away from it, which means: “I don’t want to deal with it. I’m not going to think about it. I want to do other things.” And you seek escape in hobbies, fantasies, other activities, or just close your mind in general.

And then the third is to go against it, perhaps in a state of denial. You’re just going to deny that this is happening, or you want to make it less than it really is.

And these are your choices at the beginning. And they will be your choices at every threshold because as things progress, there will be other challenges that arise. And you may find yourself really challenged, and I know you will. And I know we all will. So we’re in this together.

This is not just a personal threshold. It is a threshold for humanity. And within that, we all have our own personal thresholds.

So the question is: Can you be with this and respond to it as it is? Can you be with this and respond to this as it is? Without requiring solutions, without trying to figure out what’s going to happen in the future, can you just be with it as it is? It’s an important question for any event in life, for any engagement with a person. But particularly here, it requires some real mental discipline because your mind will not want it. You will grasp and grope for solutions. Or you will think it is something else, like people think, “Oh, it’s just another flu; we’ll get through that. I can get the flu; it’s no problem.” But it is a problem.

Then there’s the patience to learn about it. People often just make an assumption or a belief and they stop looking. They don’t want look anymore. Or they just want to look in a way that reinforces their idea or their belief. But that’s not looking. That’s only seeking validation.

Can you watch this and see how it moves? And if it moves in big ways, do I need to move with that in any kind of way? It’s going to be very tragic to watch. And I suggest you not look at it all the time, but to be with it pretty consistently. It’s going to be very…It’s going to be very tragic. In fact, a pandemic is the most destructive thing that can happen to humanity, short of an asteroid from space.

In history, pandemics have done more damage and harm to the human population than anything else. And we don’t know how big this one will be, but it’s certainly looking like it’s going to go everywhere. So this is something that we really have to step up to.

And this requires that we have the mental strength to live with questions and not answers. And it amazes me—I’m still amazed; I shouldn’t be amazed, I guess—at how few people can do this, how people just want to define it, explain it, imagine the solution, complain about why their solution isn’t being used, or vent their anger and frustration against authority figures or other people or other countries. I mean, you’re seeing this all over the place.

And this is the weak-minded responding to a greater reality. The weak-minded. You need to get the right information as you go along, and we’ve been accumulating some really good resources for that. But you’re going to have to watch and see how it unfolds, but not passively because you’re going to have to take action all the way, and we’ll get to that in a minute.

And this ability to learn about it is also the patience to stay with it. In a way, this has the world’s attention right now, which is a pretty awesome thing. How many things that happen ever have the world’s attention consistently, not just for a few days, but consistently?

So you have to have this patience and this determination. And what this evokes beyond seeing is knowing. If you can stay with this and see this objectively, it will evoke certain deeper responses within you. And these are practical responses. They’re not ideological. They’re not having a belief or just assuming a spiritual truth. It’s what you must see, know and do.

And the doing confirms the seeing and the knowing. Without the doing, the seeing and the knowing are not fulfilled, and therefore, cannot really be of great value to you.

The deeper Intelligence within you will show you what to focus on, even right now, if you can know how to ask the right questions and how to proceed step by step.

Marshall Vian Summers discusses the importance of seeing, knowing and taking action in the face of Great Waves of change such as the COVID-19 Pandemic. Can you be with this and respond to this as it is?

This comes from a series of videos from Marshall on the Coronavirus.