Facing this pandemic and facing anything important in life is not about having answers or solutions. You don’t have a solution for the pandemic. You don’t even know what it is yet. You don’t even know what it’s going to do. You don’t even know if you’re going to be affected by it, or in what way you will be affected by it.

So taking steps to improvise, adapt and be of service to others is what’s important in a rapidly changing situation. You do not have an answer or solution for the pandemic. You only have a path to follow and steps to take to prepare. If you don’t prepare, then you can’t blame anybody for the failures that you will face in the future.

It’s what you can see, know and do that really matters here. I’m not interested in your ideas, really, because these things will determine—what you see, know and do—how far you will be able to go, what you will do and your ability to help others.

You know, a pandemic is such a great equalizer. Rich or poor, we are all facing a colossal event. And so, you know, it’s an opportunity for us to snap out of our personal realm of a self-obsession and idea dominance to come into view of life as it’s really happening. It’s not a good situation, but it can bring good things out of us if we use it purposely.

Marshall emphasizes the power of seeing, knowing and doing in the face of the COVID19 pandemic. This event offers us an opportunity to view life as it is happening.

This comes from a series of videos from Marshall on the Coronavirus.