So it’s very important that we recognize this for what it really is and not confuse it with conspiracy theories or wild notions about where this thing came from and who’s generating it and so forth.

So clearly this is…God is not creating this because the New Message tells us that all forces, geological and biological forces, were set in motion at the beginning of time and they’re all running themselves now. So what we’re experiencing is not an act of God.

It is also not a conspiracy by powerful groups to do whatever they’re trying to do. It is not a form of extermination by the powers that be or by the Intervention itself. It is a natural phenomenon that is a consequence of humanity’s engagement with aspects of nature which we should never have encountered in the first place, deep in the jungles and the swamps of this world where there exist viruses we have never encountered, collectively, and should never be unleashed into the world.

So this is a phenomenal event, but it is part of the Great Waves of change. The New Message has been speaking about this for many years—the great change that is coming to the world, the biological change, the environmental change, the economic change, entering a time of great disruption. In fact, the pivotal revelation that was given on New Year’s Eve, just a few months ago, is preparing us for this decade of great change and uncertainty.

So we have this unique opportunity as students of the Revelation to gain this kind of vision, to engage with this prophetic teaching and to learn how to center ourselves in the center of our power, the deeper Knowledge that lives within us.

Marshall Vian Summers claims that the coronavirus pandemic we are experiencing is not an act of God, nor a conspiracy. This was from a live broadcast on March 14, 2020.