So you know, don’t be afraid to know things about reality because reality is your friend, if you can embrace it, if you can see it compassionately and gain from it the wisdom that it offers. Not everything that reality gives you is wisdom. But it is preparing you to become stronger and more resilient in life, which is fundamental if you’re ever going to make a difference in being here and to fulfill your mission for being here, however that may emerge for you over time.

So this is such a gift that we can be students of the Revelation. The Revelation going way back has been telling us about the changing circumstances of the world that we will be facing and that we must become aware of and sensitive to, even before other people are aware of it or sensitive. Don’t look to others to know and understand things.

The wise see things way ahead of everyone else. And they have to live with the burden of that wisdom, but also they receive the gift of that wisdom.

I heard once a retiree bemoaning the fact that their retirement really wasn’t sufficient to support them, and they said, “I never saw it coming.” And I remember at the time how much that struck me: “I never saw it coming,” even though you know it’s coming. It’s obvious it’s coming—in this case, his retirement and the funds he will need to support him beyond his working years. But he never put together what he really had to do to get ready for that.

So if we’re going to have the eyes to see, it’s not just for this moment only. It’s not about just being in the now. We have been given intelligence to prepare us for the future. The New Message emphasizes being present in the moment and preparing for the future. That’s why we have intelligence.

If you didn’t need to prepare for the future, you would not have intelligence. You’d just live until the moment that you died, as is the case with simple creatures and forms of life.

So we have to be really desiring to see and know, and separate that out from all the human projection and belief and blame that circulates through the world that clouds and muddies the stream. Nature is really the big defining thing.

The [alien] Intervention is nature. Competition for resources is nature. This is our engagement with nature. So we can’t be totally consumed with our own personal reality and sphere of concerns and interests. And so if anything, the pandemic can bring us out of ourselves in a way that I think is very healthy and very essential. Otherwise, we’re all going to be sleeping on the beach when the Great Waves come. And this is definitely a Great Wave.

You never want to save yourself: “I didn’t see it coming.”

Marshall Vian Summers discusses how the Coronavirus Pandemic and similar events in the world can bring us out of ourselves as we allow ourselves to see reality.

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