A pandemic is a real world event. It’s not just a philosophical event or a psychological event or a spiritual event, even. You have to first treat it as a physical event that is happening whether you want it or not. No matter what you believe about it, it’s out of your control. You do not control it.

So beware of the illusions of control thinking you create what’s going to happen to you and if you have the right thoughts, it won’t happen to you. Set all that aside. That’s what I call the illusion of control. That’s when you assume you have control over something you don’t have control over.

Even creating your own reality only is meaningful within your own home, within your own mind because step outside the door and you’re dealing with the reality that everybody else is creating, or that nature is creating in this case. So beware of those illusions of control.

You hear them in other people, saying that, you know, “I chose my parents” or “I chose this life” or “I chose what’s going to happen to me.” All illusions of control.

The man and woman of Knowledge must face reality as it’s happening now without these kinds of assumptions. It’s like taking the training wheels off your bike, your bicycle. When you are a little kid, you have training wheels so you don’t fall all over. Well, eventually you have to take the training wheels off and learn how to balance the bike, and you have to make it balance. So spiritually speaking and practically speaking, let’s take the training wheels off of our spiritual understanding and rid ourselves of the illusion of control because they’re blinding and they ultimately lead us is to make very bad decisions.

So taking action. I think one of the first things you need to think about is food, water, medicine and energy. Restaurants will be closing. Things will start to disappear from the shelves of grocery stores. Even ordering online, certain things will become harder to get and already have become that way, just in the two months since this has arisen in the world.

So you have to build a supply of food, slowly, and you have to have enough water, resources for water, and medicine and energy. Energy is, you know, electricity and the things you might need if your lights go out or if there’s any disruptions in energy. All kinds of things can happen in a pandemic. So you don’t need to store for the rest of your life because you can’t do that anyway, but certainly build up a reservoir of extra supplies.

The second consideration is work, money and housing. Many people will lose their employment temporarily or even permanently in a pandemic environment, and that’s already beginning to happen.

And your work: Are you going to be able to work? If not, are you prepared for not working—financially, personally, circumstantially?

Housing: Are you secure where you live? If you live paycheck to paycheck, then you’re going to have to really look at what kind of community services may be available to you, or family members that could help you through this ordeal because it’s going to be like an ordeal.

And the third consideration is relationships because who you’re with will determine what you can know and your ability to follow what you know. Relationships are…we don’t realize the impact of relationships on our thinking, our emotions and our decisions. Who we’re with has such a great influence. In fact, who you choose to be with in a primary relationship or marriage is going to be your chief influence in life, until you can become strong with Knowledge within yourself. But even then, who you’re with will determine what you can know and your ability to follow what you know.

So make sure you surround yourself with people who can respond appropriately and face what is coming and prepare for it adequately. Because many people around you will be frozen in fear or be in denial or just unable to function. So you have to be with people who are strong. Eventually, you can serve people who are not strong, but you need strong relationships in your life.
Within the Worldwide Community, though we’re spread out all over the world, we have these kinds of relationships available to us. In fact from my point of view, you have more relationships than you could ever imagine available to you, now—purposefully, meaningfully and significantly.

And the fourth consideration here is: How can I build my connection to Knowledge? And this is why this teaching and training in Steps to Knowledge is so important. The book, The Power of Knowledge, which you can read free online at the New Message From God website, will begin to orient you to what Knowledge really is—how it functions, why it exists within you, what it means and how you can gain access to it.

When we talk about Knowledge, we’re not just talking about intuition. Intuition is maybe the snowflakes before a storm. But Knowledge is really who you are. It represents your deeper identity, your immortal identity, the you that existed before you came into the world, the you that will exist after you leave this world. It represents your Spiritual Family, those relationships that are key to your evolution in a larger sense. And it represents your connection to God, and to the Greater Spiritual powers in the universe.

So in a way, nothing is more important to gain access to in life than Knowledge. And Knowledge will guide you through this pandemic and all future great crises, step-by-step with intention, power and purpose—things you as a person, or you in your personal mind, do not have.

So first consideration: Food, water, medicine, energy.
Second consideration: Work, money and housing.
Third consideration: Relationships—who you are going to be with, who are going to be your trusted allies?
Fourth consideration: How can I build my connection to Knowledge?

Marshall Vian Summers identifies the areas of our lives in which we can take practical action as we face the reality of COVID-19 and pandemics to come. Here we are encouraged to “set aside the illusion of control” over what is happening large scale, and focus on our next steps.