Preparation here is the critical thing. To try to simply understand this or define it or create a solution for it in our own imagination, it is something we really need to prepare for. And to prepare involves understanding, recognition, the power of Knowledge and taking action.

So I’d like you to consider for a moment the huge events that are happening—and challenges and change—which are a confrontation for everyone. So how are you responding to this challenge now? Ask yourself objectively—not critically, just objectively: How are you responding to this challenge now?

Stop to feel how you are really doing with it. This is so important because this is not going to go away. And this is not what we want. But it is what is happening. And it’s very big. And it will affect probably everyone at one level or another in the world today.

This is one of the great events that the New Message from God has been preparing you for. So whatever wisdom, insight, skills, tools, strengths that it has given you thus far in your study in the Revelation and participation in the Revelation, this is what it’s meant for, ultimately. It will serve you everyday in navigating all the difficulties and opportunities of life. But when something like this comes along, it’s especially important.

“Preparation here is the critical thing.”
Marshall Vian Summers asks us to consider the great challenge of the Coronavirus pandemic that confronts us and how we are responding to this challenge now.

This comes from a series of videos from Marshall on the Coronavirus.