At first, this will be shock and awe, dismay, uncertainty. You might even feel panic, and that’s normal to have that. But what’s important is the amount of time it takes you to come back into your center line and to begin having the self-talk you need to see what you need to do, what can be done, and get productive. Because otherwise, you just can’t sit around and wait for experts to tell you what to do or for someone to come and save you.

And this is a real time of human responsibility and cooperation. And I think this could have…though it’s highly devastating in it’s potential, it has the possibility of bringing nations and groups and peoples closer together to unite them in need. Because the New Message says that the only thing that will unite a fractured humanity is a great dilemma facing everyone. And certainly a pandemic falls into that category.

But the Intervention that’s occurring in the world today from races beyond the world is an even bigger challenge to us that confronts everyone very equally, rich and poor, no matter where you are.

So in a way these kind of events are not God-sent, but they have a hidden opportunity in them that could be vital for our future and to prepare for a future where much greater challenges may be arising over the horizon.

So within each crisis, there is uncertainty, risk and often hidden opportunity. I don’t mean personal opportunity to enrich yourself. I mean an opportunity for society to grow, to advance and to become more united. And we’re talking about the human world society now, not just simply one nation.

Marshall Vian Summers addresses the panic and shock of our current situation during the Coronavirus pandemic. What is important, he stresses, is getting back to the “center line” within ourselves, as the pathway toward a vital opportunity for world unity.

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