The first step is to become as stable as you can be under these circumstances, whatever that may be for you. You’re not going to figure things out. You’re not going to have a plan for the future. You’re not going to try to encompass a greater reality if you’re fundamentally unstable. So the first step, or the first focus, which may be very great for some of you, is to become as stable as possible. Stability comes in terms of financial stability, circumstantial stability, relationship stability, particularly if you’re home with a spouse or a family or any kind of important relationship.

There’s emotional stability. If you’re fearful and full of anxiety, you’re not going to see clearly. You’re not going to make good decisions. You’re not going to see a way for you to go forward, which is possible for you, certainly.

So stability really is the first order of business. And for some of you, stability may be the most…the only thing you can do right now because that is the first thing to do. You have to steady your own ship in these turbulent waters. And some things you’ll be able to do and some things you won’t be able to do. But whatever you can do to create not only practical stability, but also internal stability, like settle down within yourself. You have a deeper Intelligence called Knowledge within you. It has spoken to you before at times of great change, need or decision—and it’s still there. It is there for you.

I think Reed’s recommendation about turning off external input is very important, and particularly anything dealing with conspiracy theories or all the pseudo remedies that people have for this virus that’s obsessing them or taking them away from what they need to do for themselves.

So the first order of business is to look to your life and to the well-being of those you’re responsible for. And decisions, conclusions, ideas, future plans—they can all follow as long as you can do that, but do look to your life. This is about you being in the world right now and the world is undergoing great change. And the people who can be with that will tend to see ways that they can go and ways that they can build their life and have success. And those who won’t see that or refuse to see that, or [are] lost in other considerations, are…tend to be people that are going to suffer great losses as a consequence of what we’re going through.

This is a perfect storm for either knocking you down or building you up.

Marshall discusses how stability is the first step in responding to world crisis, such as the global pandemic.

This clip is an excerpt from a live broadcast, Living in the COVID19 Pandemic: How to Get Centered in Uncertain Times, broadcast on April 18, 2020.

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