So first of all, what is a pandemic? It’s a big word. For some people, it doesn’t mean anything; for other people, it means a great deal. The World Health Organization defines it as “a worldwide spread of a new disease.” And that means that it’s something we haven’t experienced before. It’s something we have no immunity to. And we have no frontline medical response to. We have no vaccine for it. It is something that we are unprepared for, both mentally, socially and even physiologically. It is an unknown, dangerous and highly destructive event, and uncontrollable, especially at the outset.

I want to emphasize here that a pandemic is a rare but extreme expression of nature. It is a consequence of our engagement with nature. And how we experience it and how it moves through the world will be largely a consequence of how we as individuals and societies and nations will respond.

Now what is the pandemic not? It is not an act of God. It is not a punishment for our sins. It’s not a product of our consciousness; we didn’t create it because of our consciousness. It is not a global conspiracy to seize power and reduce the human population, either by human forces or even forces from beyond the world. It is an event that is happening in our midst, emerging very suddenly, moving very rapidly. And we are trying to catch up to understand it, to prepare for it and hopefully to control it in the future.

As Reedy mentioned, this is one of the Great Waves of change. The Great Waves of change in general are very slow moving, but ultimately very consequential. They exert their influence in the form of violent whether, human economic recessions, droughts, floods—all kinds of things that are happening in the world all the time. But as a whole, they are a slowly moving set of realities that we also need to prepare for.

At the beginning of this year on New Year’s Eve, a very important revelation [The Great Turning Point for Humanity] was given to prepare us for the decade ahead, saying that this decade will be tremendously important in what it reveals about these Great Waves of change and our opportunity to prepare for them. Because beyond this decade, beyond the year 2030, our ability to prepare will diminish because the consequence of these Great Waves of change will begin to overtake us in many ways.

So we’re living at a time of high consequence, a time of great meaning, and at a deeper level within each one of us, a time of great calling. But this is why we have come into the world, you see, not to languish living in Separation, but to engage in a larger set of forces in the world, given our unique talents and our unique designs as individuals.

It is really only something of this magnitude that can call out of us the greater spiritual Intelligence which the New Message from God calls Knowledge.

So while we regret this and resist this and lament over what is occurring in the world today, particularly regarding this pandemic and its consequences, it is one of the great things that can call out of us the greatness within us—our higher purpose for being in the world, the greater meaning of our existence here and the real purpose that underlies all the other plans, goals and schemes that we invent for ourselves, or that society invents for us.

Marshall Vian Summers clarifies what is a pandemic such as COVID-19 and what is not, so we may recognize this event for what it truly is.

This comes from a series of videos from Marshall on the Coronavirus.

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